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Chiropractic Equipment

Thomas J. DeSalvo, DC, offers the highest quality chiropractic care in the Mat-Su Valley, including Palmer and Wasilla, AK. We use the latest equipment to provide each client with the treatments that will promote health and wellness while relieving discomfort.

Accu-SPINA™with IDD Therapy®

The Accu-SPINA™ uses waveforms to reduce, stabilize, and decompress vertebral structures. It allows us to focus on a particular section of the spine.

IDD Therapy® treats herniated, bulging, or degenerated discs, sciatica, post-surgical problems, arthritis, and more by using precise force on areas determined by Accu-SPINA.

Multiple 60-minute sessions are required to achieve the best results.

ActiveTherapeutic Movement (ATM2)

For patients suffering from back, neck, shoulder, hip or knee pain, the Active Therapeutic Movement / ATM2 System can provide immediate and long-lasting pain relief. This system reduces pain by retraining your brain to increase your overall strength and improve your range of motion. The goal is to help patients alter their muscle activation patterns and enable personalized body repositioning to help them reduce their pain and regain mobility and function.

Electro Stim

Electronic stimulation, through the use of electrodes, causes physiological reactions that produce pain relief. Electro stim can also reduce swelling, increase circulation, and enhance wound healing.

Instrumental Adjustments

Some patients benefit from the use of instrumental adjustments of the spine. By using the iQ® Impulse, we measure exactly how the spine is moving and responding to treatment.

Digital X-Ray

During your chiropractic assessment, we may take digital x-rays to visualize your spine or joints. Digital x-rays produce significantly less radiation than traditional imaging.

Optimal Massage Tables

Our massage rooms are equipped with tables that accommodate pregnant women with breast and belly recesses.
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