I would like to introduce my replacement, Dr. Marc Uscola. Dr. Marc Uscola is a lifelong Alaskan. He was raised in Wasilla, Alaska where he graduated from Wasilla High school. Marc attended Brigham Young University Idaho where he earned a degree in exercise physiology. While finishing his undergraduate work he learned to love chiropractic while doing an internship for a local chiropractor. He went on to attend University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. He finished his schooling in 3 years where he earned a second degree in human biology and a doctorate in chiropractic. After many years of being outside of the state, he is glad to finally be home.

Dr. Uscola is passionate about chiropractic care and truly loves his job. He practices with clinical excellence and continues to grow his expertise in treatment and patient care. Dr. Uscola has an intuitive approach to treatment that blends many soft tissue modalities and gentle adjustments. When Marc is out of the office, he enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his family.
He has been working in my office and has a full working knowledge of all the chiropractic techniques and rehab plans that I have successfully applied to many patients in 42 years of practice.

We offer spinal decompression, cervical and lumbar, using state of the art AccuSpina machines following established protocols outlined in several published studies. Consider referring patients with non-responsive cervical or low back pain, disc degeneration, disc bulging and active radiculopathy prior to surgical intervention. This treatment can benefit post-surgical patients for management of residual chronic pain safely. As the situation improves, Dr. Uscola can provide individually directed rehab instruction to help patients prevent reoccurrences while improving balance, pain free range of motion and strengthening all shown beneficial in many studies. We have followed the Gray Institute rehab guidelines and training to improve patient outcomes by using simple directed exercise/mobility progressions that most patients find enjoyable which leads to more compliance and success. These protocols can be applied to any articulation to improve mobility strength and function. We have found this method very successful for shoulder rehab. Dr. Uscola is trained in several Chiropractic techniques allowing him multiple gentle methods to treat a patient with their comfort level in mind. Our office continues to offer excellent massage therapy delivered in a coordinated manner with Dr. Uscola’s treatment plan. We have three massage therapists with years of successful experience ensuring an excellent patient experiences and outcomes. If you have questions for Dr. Uscola he can be reached at 35- Spine. He would be very pleased to hear from you to address any patient concerns you have. As always Dr. Uscola will provide patient plans and updates to the referring provider as the care progresses.

I would like to sincerely thank you for the referrals and your faith in me over the years to mutually help our patients. I hope you will give Dr. Uscola the same opportunity to serve your patients. If you have never used our services, please stop by the office for a tour and talk with Dr. Uscola. If you have neck or back problems yourself, please call Dr. Uscola so he can determine if he can provide any benefit to you as well.


Thomas J DeSalvo D.C.